Host a Circle

Completing More Love, More Joy! as a part of a dedicated group can be an amazing and valuable experience. As an alternative to attending one of our company-led More Love, More Joy! Seminars, we extend the opportunity for anyone who follows our Guidelines (listed below and elsewhere on this website) to lead their own “peer-hosted” More Love, More Joy! Circle.

If you are interested in completing this process with the support of an organized peer-hosted group, you can join a Circle that is already forming in your area by visiting the Find a Circle/Group page.  

Would you consider becoming a Host? 
Serving as a Circle Host doesn’t require any special formal training. In fact, anyone can start a group of their own by following the suggestions and Guidelines we provide (see Host Resources after signing up to be a Member). Once you log in as a Member, you’ll find we make available almost everything you’ll need to get started - from group discounts on books and meditation CD’s in our Store, to promotional posters, invitations and detailed instructions for what to do in each meeting. We’ll even post your upcoming group on our website to help direct your potential Circle members straight to you.

So you'd like to be a Host . . .
If you are ready to start your own Circle and have already signed-in as a member, please click on the link below to register your upcoming group. We will then add your listing to our Find A Circle page and send you a confirmation e-mail when it has been uploaded to our system.

Click Here to Register Your Upcoming Circle


Dear Circle Hosts and Members:

You will find that part of the More Love, More Joy! process is about asking to be treated and loved in the ways that you desire. As the authors of this material, we would like to ask you to follow these guidelines along with those on our website. Thank you for respecting and honoring our requests.
  1. Please adhere to the guidelines set forth in the book and on this website. Everyone in a Circle, including the Host, is expected to participate in the process, do the homework, and share as part of the group. Please do not add anything (chanting, drumming, psychotherapy or related modalities, etc.) to the meetings without our written authorization.

  2. We ask that if you advertise or promote your gathering that you use the posters, invitations, and other endorsed marketing materials that we provide for free on our website. It is important that the More Love, More Joy! message is communicated consistently. Also, using the materials and information we provide can make attracting others to your Circle that much easier.

  3. Ideally, our wish is to support peer-led Circles that are free of charge. Because More Love, More Joy! does not certify or train Circle Hosts, we hope that the savings are passed onto Circle members. If a fee needs to be charged, we encourage the Host to offer a sliding scale fee or to allow members to make a “love offering” donation so that everyone interested can join.

  4. We ask that each Circle member purchase her or his own book. Volume discount prices for groups are available directly from the website/publisher. Please do not duplicate or record any part of our copyrighted materials (books, CD’s, etc.) without our expressed written permission.

  5. We always try to keep updated postings of all upcoming groups on our website. Please register your Circle on our website at least 3 weeks prior to your start date. That way, we can direct anyone interested in joining your group right to you.

  6. Lastly, we ask for Circle members and Hosts to keep in touch with us. We love hearing about your successes and how you enjoyed the process.
We hope that you are inspired to recreate your life in whatever ways bring you more pleasure. Enjoy the journey!