Our Credo

These are the foundational beliefs that the More Love, More Joy! work is based on. Circles begin by reading the Credo aloud. If you'd like, download your free copy to post somewhere you can see it regularly by using the link at the bottom of the page.

 Our Credo   

  • Each of us is unique and ever evolving.
    We are here to experience life at its fullest and to intimately know beauty, joy, and love. We are divinely good and worthy of love no matter what we do or have done in the past. We are open to believing that we are a part of something much bigger than just ourselves, even if we don’t know what that is.

  • We always have choices in every aspect of our lives.
    We each are responsible for our own emotions, our states of being, and all of our actions and experiences. We know that ultimately it is our choice to be happy and our responsibility to ask others for what we want.

  • Balance creates harmony.
    We commit to loving others respectfully and based on the principle of equal exchange. We intend to release or bring balance to relationships where we give more than we receive or receive more than we give.

  • Love starts from within.
    It is our ongoing intention to love ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our dreams, and our passions first and forever, even if no one else understands us. We intend to treat ourselves with love, kindness, and compassion everyday.

  • Our hearts always light the way.
    We will speak our truths, act with integrity, and courageously follow our passions. We know we each are worthy of being loved in exactly the way we wish.

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Our Credo
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