Our Community

Welcome to the More Love, More Joy! Community. Whether you are new to this process, have attended a Seminar, or are completing the book on your own, with a partner, or as a part of a Circle, we welcome you. Our Community pages will assist you in learning more about how you can get involved with the More Love, More Joy!  family, stay connected with our community, create a new Circle, or just join in on the fun.

What is a More Love, More Joy! Circle?
A More Love, More Joy! Circle is a group of 6-12 individuals - friends, family, neighbors, aquaintances, colleagues, etc. who are all interested in improving their love relationships and their lives. Circles are peer-organized (we call the organizer the Host) and follow the process in the More Love, More Joy! book together as a group. The Host decides where the Circle will meet; it might be a their home, a community center, a church, or somewhere else of their choosing.

Each week for 8 weeks (or each month, depending on how your Circle is organized) each participant, including the Host, completes the reading and a few exercises at home. The rest of that weeks' exercises including any guided meditation are completed as a part of the meeting that week. Group activities provide opportunities to connect with other members through group discussions and sharing, chances to practice many of the communication techniques, and greater accountability and support than any individual would have doing this process on his or her own.

Why do we encourage people to join a Circle?
Because Circles are a great way to form a supportive community - and you are just more likely to have success in your life and through the process if you do have that peer support. It's so easy to feel as though we are struggling through our lives on our own - when really there are so many other people in a similar situation. Circles provide a way for people from all walks of life to connect and support one another in a very personal way.

Ready to become part of the fun?
Great! If you would like to find out if there are Circles forming in your area, explore our Find a Circle (Group) page where we list Circles that have been registered (by their Hosts) with our site. If you'd like to learn more about Hosting a Circle in your area, you'll find that information on our Host a Circle and Host Resources pages. Here we've included easy to follow instructions for how to organize a group, weekly Circle outlines, and free downloadable posters, invitations, and other information to help you get your new Circle started.

Please check back to this section for frequent updates to our downloads and other information - message boards will be coming soon!

Note: Downloading Host Resources require a (free) website membership - register or login on the left side of any page.