More Love, More Joy! Meditations (SALE $10.47)
From the book More Love, More Joy! – Simple Steps to Improve Your Relationships & Your Life, these five guided meditations will help you transform the past and begin receiving more of the love you’ve always wanted. Enjoyable and effective, just put in the disc, select the track, and get ready to relax!

Includes these meditations:
  1. Clean Slate (14:08) A gentle exploration into the judgments that you or anyone else has made about you at any point in your life. Learn how to erase the past and begin recreating yourself in the most powerful and uplifting way.

  2. Releasing Others’ Rules About Love (15:08) The angels arrive to help you release and transform any rules you may have learned from your role models about loving yourself or loving others that are no longer of use to you.

  3. Self-Forgiveness (14:00) Journey to an oasis of renewal, regeneration, and second chances. Here you can easily forgive yourself and transform the energy of self-doubt, disappointment, anger, or frustration back to pure love.

  4. The Cycle of Giving & Receiving (15:08) Travel with an enlightened master on a magic carpet ride where you observe how the cycle of giving and receiving works in harmony with the universe. Then, activate your ability to truly honor receiving and draw more love, kindness, and consideration into your every day life.

  5. Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs (12:32) Relax and experience a rejuvenating massage. As your body begins to unwind, your masseuse helps you release and transform any limiting thoughts or beliefs of what you cannot do, be, or have. Begin to align yourself with your Divine essence and expand your ability to experience limitless love, joy, and happiness.
All meditations recorded by Jennifer Martin. Music by Harry Henshaw/Enhanced Healing.

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